The iMac has long been a favorite among graphic designers, video editors and audio engineers because the intuitive operating system favors the imaginative. With a quad-core processor and a minimum of 8GB of memory, you have the necessary computing power to back up the ambition of your imagination. For this reason, many businesses use iMac's for their graphic design or video editing department, which is why the memory starts at 8GB and the hard drive capacity starts at 1TB – this is a computer designed more for creative tasks than for a general business computer

This doesn't mean that you can't use an iMac for your business desktop computer. It certainly has the power to run business software and the seamless connectivity with other Apple devices makes it ideal for on-the-go business because you can take notes on an iPad and have that information saved remotely to your desktop via the cloud.

The biggest downside to the Apple iMac is the lack of expansion features. The all-in-one form factor puts space at a premium because all the internal components share space with the ultra-thin display monitor. This means you can't add or upgrade components very easily. In addition, the processor, memory and hard drive aren't upgradeable from Apple's online store. The motherboard can support up to 32GB of memory, though this must be added after purchase. There aren't any additional expansion slots and only four USB ports.

The iMac only has a one-year warranty while the best business computers come with a minimum three-year warranty. In addition, Apple lacks services such as asset recovery or accidental damage coverage. These are vital services for ensuring that your important information isn't lost when a hard drive or other component fails. There also isn't a remote diagnostic service or onsite service, which sends a certified technician to your business to service your computer. If you need your iMac serviced, you have to take it into an Apple store.

Apple iMac Summary:

Apple's iMac desktop computer isn't the ideal business computer because the expansion features are lacking due to the all-on-one form factor. However, the seamless connectivity to other Apple devices and the intuitive operating system is ideal for creative tasks like graphic design, video editing and audio recording.


Apple iMac

The iMac comes with 8GB of memory and an Intel i5 quad-core processor.

It's not easy to add or upgrade new components. The help and support lacks asset recovery and onsite service.

The Verdict
: 7.13/10

The iMac is designed for the creative minded and it has the power to perform the necessary creative tasks like video editing and graphic design. However, the all-in-one design lacks expansion features like drive bays and expansion slots and the support lacks some essential services.