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Sager is a relative unknown in the nongaming world. Serious gamers always want the absolute cutting edge in technology. Who can blame them? The excessive power of Sager’s customized laptops pushes on next-gen, prototype level technology. Think time machines or gadgets from the arsenal of James Bond. You won’t see Sager’s quad core capable, SLI ready, futuristic super-laptops on the shelves of your local electronics store. Sager makes laptops for the international secret society of the gaming elite.

The Sager NP9262 is very customizable. You can personalize a Sager NP9262 to complement your ego, budget and penchant for gaming destruction. With a top of the line, decked-out Sager NP9262 in your hands, you will have an undisputable performance edge on the commoners populating the servers of your favorite online games. On a maximized Sager NP9262, the most demanding of software applications will run smoother than a round of Spider Solitaire. As you can probably imagine, performance of this magnitude doesn’t come cheap. You may want to get a credit check before even looking at the Sager NP9262. With all the extras, you’re looking at dropping upwards of $5000. The hefty price tag on a top-end Sager machine is only rivaled by a fully-loaded Alienware Area-51 or tricked-out Falcon Northwest FragBook DRX.

Standout Features

• 3.3GHz Intel Core Duo 2 E8600 (quad-core capable)
• Dual GeForce 9800M GTX video cards
• 4-8GB of RAM
• 17-inch display (1920x1200 max. resolution)


Aesthetically, the Sager NP9262 forgoes decorations, grinning skull decals, and racing stripes in favor of a simple, understated, even somewhat dated look. Visually, the Sager NP926 is essentially a big gray cinderblock with a “Sager” logo on the lid. Don’t let the Sager NP9262’s unflattering appearance fool you—this hunk of coal is packed full of absurdly powerful hardware. Unlike other laptops, the Sager NP9262 does not use processors specially designed for mobile use. The Sager NP9262 is designed to use desktop processors. Think about that for a second. Desktop processors in a laptop? Are they out of their minds?! … Not completely—using desktop processors necessarily makes the Sager NP9262 substantially fatter than your run-of-the-mill notebook, but it also unlocks the glorious possibility of supporting quad-core processors. A new age is upon us! But don’t get too excited just yet. Most of today’s games and applications aren’t designed to take advantage of a quad-core configuration. For at least another year or two, the quad-core processor option is mostly about bragging rights. For the meantime, you can expect equally strong performance from the 3.3GHz Intel Core Duo 2 E8600 processor.

As any experienced gamer will tell you, you get the real juice from your video card. The Sager NP9262 takes full advantage of NVidia’s SLI technology. SLI allows you to run two video cards at the same time. The Sager NP9262 can be outfitted with two GeForce 9800M GTXs with 1GB of memory each. Overkill? You betcha! But to enjoy full immersion in ridiculously demanding games like Crysis: Warhead, you’ll put all that video processing power to use. The performance-drop that results from running only a single GeForce 9800M GTX is pretty minor. The financially constricted gamer lusting after a new Sager NP9262 could probably settle for just one ultramodern video card.

The Sager NP9262 is available with up to 8GB of RAM. Most desktop replacement and gaming laptops are standard with an impressive 4GB of RAM. 8GB of RAM? That’s a lot! That doubles the RAM of the Area 51-m17x, right? Well, sort of. Don’t be fooled by the bulging number 8. The Sager NP9262’s chipset only handles 6.8GB of 8 and it runs at 667MHz. A much better option is to go with 4GB of 800MHz RAM. You’ll blow well past system requirements on next year’s games and you’ll shave eight hundred bucks of the Sager NP9262’s price.

Given the powerful options available for the Sager NP9262, it comes as no surprise when you pick it up and realize it weighs about as much as a Basset Hound. Weighing in at 14.5 pounds with the AC adapter, you’ll cut off the circulation in your arm if you try to transport the Sager NP9262 more than a city block at a time. The battery is added almost as an afterthought. It runs dry after a paltry 30 minutes of game time, so you’ll definitely need a plug outlet nearby at all times. When it comes to size and portability, the Sager NP9262 really can’t be considered a laptop. It’s just too big and bulky. The Dell XPS M1730 is a much better option for the gamer on the go.


The Sager NP9262 outfitted with a 3GHz quad-core processor, “8”GB of RAM, two 1GB, GeForce 9800M GTXs, a Blu-ray burner, and a whopping 1.5 terabyte hard drive will cost $5,719. That strikes us as an unreasonable price to own what feels like experimental technology. The Sager NP9262 is a much better value when equipped with high-end but established components. For $3759, the Sager NP9262 ships with a 3.3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 processor, dual GeForce 9800M GTXs, a 500GB hard drive, and a standard DVD burner. For a couple thousand dollars less, this is still a monster of a laptop—expect frame rates in the high 30s on Crysis. Frame rates will be in the triple digits on Call of Duty 4 and most of your MMORPGs.

Summary of Reviews from Across the Internet

New Sager NP9262 owners respond enthusiastically to the user definable macro keys on the chassis. User benchmarks and performance tests routinely outscore the Alienware Area-51 m17x and the Gateway 7811X FX on Crysis, Call of Duty 4, and Company of Heroes. Sager may not have the name recognition of Dell or Gateway, but there are many reviewers that swear by Sager’s support staff.
The Sager NP9262 tends to heat up quickly during gaming sessions. The term “laptop” may be a misnomer as concerns the Sager NP9262. Reviewers have complained about the Sager NP9262’s laughably large power supply—it weighs 2.5 pounds!


Close your eyes and imagine the not-so-distant future. The Sager NP9262 offers us glimpses of the hardware we’ll see in mid-range gaming laptops in 2010 or 2011. Realistically though, the gamer of today can’t wait two years to get a hold of such a mind-bendingly powerful laptop. The Sager NP9262 is a breathtakingly fast machine even if you opt out on some of the extras. The Sager NP9262 has got goods that give Alienware’s flagship gaming laptop, the Area-51 m17x, a run for its money. A fully-loaded Sager NP9262 is the nuclear option of gaming laptops. Just be prepared to haul around an anvil’s worth of plastic, metal and circuitry.


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