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The MacBook Air is the ultimate in laptop portability. It is the lightest and thinnest laptop we found, but it doesn't skimp on the extras. This laptop features powerful third generation processors as well as flash storage available up to 128GB. The flash storage is significant since it's four times faster than a traditional hard drive. It does lack the extra RAM you will find on other laptops, and the MacBook Air doesn't feature the retina display, but you can still see high-resolution images and programs will still run smoothly.

This device has 4GB of RAM. This is an adequate amount of RAM but is meager compared to several laptops in this class. However, this laptop is configurable to 8GB of RAM, and the battery on this device offers up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge. And if the device is in standby mode, the laptop will remain powered for up to 30 days. There is a quick boot-up time on this device and we never had to wait long for the computer to boot up after it was in standby mode.

There is 128GB of flash storage on the Air but upgradable. This may be small, but with flash storage, you get quicker loading and startup times since it doesn't have moving parts like a standard hard drive. The Air can go from sleep to your homescreen in less than five seconds.

Between a dual-core processor and the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, the MacBook Air smoothly opens and runs programs with no glitches. While you won't be running graphics-heavy games, you can expect the MacBook Air to handle any workloads from Photoshop to PowerPoint. The graphics chip drives more than 4 million pixels of colors on this small screen, which gives you an intense visual experience.

The 11.6-inch screen has a native pixel resolution of 1366 x 768 while the 13.3-inch screen has 1440 x 900 resolution. The beautiful display is housed inside a unibody design, which means fewer parts, less complex design and more efficient cooling of the components inside the laptop.

There are several advanced features available on this laptop computer designed for both work and play. This computer offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. With these connectivity options, it is easy to access the web, send emails and download files. In addition, there are several ports and slots located on the device. There are two USB ports, an SD card slot (only available on the 13-inch model) and a headphone jack. There is also a mini HDMI display port that allows you to connect to an HDTV or a large monitor for enhanced viewing.

In addition, the MacBook Air features a 720p FaceTime HD camera and built-in microphone that make video calls possible on this device. The HD camera lets friends and family see you in much clearer view than any other laptop. In addition to this, the camera has a widescreen format so people don't have to crowd around the display. And this laptop features stereo speakers, which provide excellent sound without sacrificing design of the laptop.

The Apple MacBook Air offers a one-year warranty in case any serious technical issues arise. If you have any problems, concerns or questions regarding your laptop, Apple provides customer service representatives to answer your concerns. Representatives are available through live chat or phone support and their contact information is available on Apple’s website. Phone and live chat both provide a quick and easy way to communicate with a representative, but we were disappointed email support is not an option for reaching customer service.

Apple MacBook Air Summary:

This laptop computer offers excellent design and features. Despite the lower amount of memory available on the device, you can choose to upgrade it. And the laptop still provides excellent performance, a thin and lightweight body, a vibrant screen and an HD webcam. If you are looking for a laptop that is powerful but won’t be a burden to carry around, the Apple MacBook Air is the answer.

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Apple MacBook Air MS224LL/A

The Apple MacBook Air is only 0.68 inches thick and weighs 2.9 pounds.

This laptop computer comes with only 4GB of RAM.

The Verdict
: 9/10

If you compare the lightest laptop computers that perform like heavyweights, the Apple MacBook Air has to be the measuring stick.