The Dell Inspiron 17 is a laptop computer that takes the user on a journey through the 17.3-inch display screen, fast processor and a vast selection of features. With the ability to customize and personalize this computing device to fit your needs, this Dell product is ideal for the user who has numerous tasks to accomplish and little time to do it. If this doesn’t sound like what you are looking for, visit our laptop computer page for side-by-side comparisons and more objective reviews.

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This Dell PC is similar to other portable device models. The greatest difference that separates it from other models is the size and display of the Inspiron 17. This Dell model features an HD 17.3-inch widescreen LED display. This large of a screen is ideal for entertainment purposes such as watching DVDs, playing games or surfing the internet. However, the large backlit display has a 1440x900 resolution, which is quite a bit lower than we would like to see on such a large display screen.

The overall appearance of the Dell Inspiron 17 is attractive. With rounded corners, straight edges and the ability to choose from seven exterior colors this portable device is handsome. For such a large device, the Inspiron 17 is not heavy and bulky, which is ideal for when you carry it around in a bag or backpack for most of the day.

A new Intel Core i5 processor is available on this Dell model and is a much needed improvement from its predecessor. The solid performance that results from this processor makes this computing device quick, smooth and terrific at multitasking capabilities.

Battery Life is one feature that is critical when deciding upon a portable computing device. You can take advantage of the strong battery available on this model with up to 8 hours using the optional 9-cell battery unit. In addition to the battery life, the storage capacity and memory are also important to consider. Up to 500GB of hard drive storage is available on this Dell model to store your documents, music and photos. Also, 4GB of DDR3 memory is included on this device.

One of the disappointing features found on the Inspiron 17 is the graphics. This PC relies on integrated graphics meaning that it cannot handle 3D gaming and high resolution images will not appear vivid and sharp. For such a large display screen, we were surprised the graphics had not improved and it made the large screen seem almost useless.

Regardless of the poor graphics, the Dell Inspiron 17 offers numerous features to make tasks easier and smoother. A built-in 1.3MP (megapixel) web camera, microphone, stereo speakers, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and optional Bluetooth capabilities are a few of the features that can be designed on your PC. Four USB ports, an optional 7-in-1 media card reader, HDMI and VGA outputs are also all found on this portable computing device.

Dell Inspiron 17 Summary:

The Dell Inspiron 17 is ideal for a new college student or anyone who travels frequently. The large design, fast processor and additional features make it simple to have everything you need, wherever you may go.

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Dell Inspiron 17

The new Intel Core i5 processor is a standout feature on this computer.

The integrated graphics make gaming difficult on this laptop computer.

The Verdict:

This laptop computer is ideal for the college student who needs a lot of basic features.