Laptop Reliability Survey Reveals ASUS Is Best and HP Worst

By Dan Hope Nov 18th, 2009

Most of the opinions about which laptops last the longest rely on anecdotes or personal experience with the endless abyss of customer service calls. But there’s nothing like solid data to put all the theories and opinions to rest. SquareTrade has released data from a 3-year service history of more than 30,000 laptops, meaning we can conclusively tell which companies have more reliable machines.

As you can see in the chart above, ASUS took the top spot as the most reliable laptop manufacturer, but only beat out Toshiba by a miniscule margin. That’s to be expected though, since ASUS and Toshiba are already known for build quality. The real surprise came when we discovered which manufacturer was at the bottom. According to the data, more than 25 percent of HP laptops malfunction over the course of three years. That’s a horrible failure rate when compared with the leading manufacturers. Based on stories we’ve heard, we fully expected Dell to be at the bottom of the list. Again, that was pure hearsay, so it’s nice to have the hard numbers to tell the truth.

The study by SquareTrade also revealed some interesting statistics about the different kinds of laptops. Netbooks are 20 percent less reliable than entry-level laptops, and the entry-level laptops are 10 percent less reliable than premium laptops. So while you may save money on a netbook or cheap laptop, you’re more likely to have malfunctions in the future.

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